Regional Growth and Development in Southern Africa project - an interview with Channing Arndt

Channing Arndt, Senior Research Fellow of UNU-WIDER, outlines the main research areas for this project on economic growth in the Southern African region. The project has two main elements – one specifically on the South African economy; the second on the wider SADC region.

The regional dimensions of the project are fully cognisant that South Africa is the richest country in the region and the dominant economy. It seeks to identify value chains which could be advantageous to more than one country in the region. It includes analysis of supermarkets, which are undergoing a massive expansion in the region; poultry value chains; mining and mining services; transport, in particular trucking; and finally, bioenergy – to examine whether regional bioenergy production could be “done well” for the region. 

The partner organisations and their contributions are also described.