Resurgent Asia book tour

With Deepak Nayyar

Resurgent Asia book tour

Since the release of Resurgent Asia author Deepak Nayyar has been invited to speak at many esteemed events and organizations to discuss the findings and the policy implications of the research. See below for the full list of events. For more details or to enquire about attendance contact

Resurgent Asia provides an analytical narrative of Asia's incredible economic development, situated in the wider context of historical, political, and social factors. It also provides an economic analysis of underlying factors that assisted Asia's growth and the critical issues in the process of development.

Deepak Nayyar is the author of Resurgent Asia, and editor of Asian Transformations, both newly published by Oxford University Press. Both books emanate from the recent UNU-WIDER project, Asian transformations – an inquiry into the development of nations.

The project, and the resulting open access publications, analyse the incredible story of economic development in Asia over the last 50 years, and reflects on how the next 25 years might unfold.

Resurgent Asia on tour 2020
Date Location
24 January Jaipur Literary Festival, Jaipur, India
4 February Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea 
5 February International Association for Peace and Economic Development Conference, Seoul, Republic of Korea
2 March Lecture at the Department of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
3 March Lecture at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London
4 March Lecture at the London School of Economics, London 
5 March Lecture at Department of International Development, University of Oxford
TBC Breakfast Dialogue with CEOs and Corporate Leaders, Institute of Policy Studies, National University of Singapore
TBC Hong Siew Ching Lecture, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, Singapor