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International media and events share lessons from Deepak Nayyar’s new book

Deepak Nayyar’s newly authored book, Resurgent Asia, released on open access in October 2019, and has been described as 'brilliant' in book reviews, received considerable media coverage and has led to several events discussing the impressive transformation of Asia over the last 50 years, and the lessons that can be learned from the Asian experience.

Resurgent Asia, one of two books from UNU-WIDER’s Asian Transformations project, comes 50 years after Gunnar Myrdal first published Asian Drama, in which the Swedish economist predicted a gloomy future for Asia. In contrast to this, Asia has become a global powerhouse. In the book, media articles and events, Professor Nayyar provides an analytical narrative of Asia's remarkable economic progress, reflecting on the impressive successes but also the unequal effects of the transformation across countries and among people.

Find out more by reading the reviews, blogs and op-eds by Deepak Nayyar linked below. You can also download the open access book here.

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