SOUTHMOD presentation at the LOTTE-Skatt conference

Celebrating tax-benefit modeling: 50 years with LOTTE, 15–16 June 2023, Oslo

SOUTHMOD presentation at the LOTTE-Skatt conference

The tax-benefit model LOTTE-Skatt is a key tool of Norwegian tax policy decision-making. To mark its 50th anniversary Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Ministry of Finance organise a conference in Oslo 15–16 June 2023. UNU-WIDER Research Associate Jesse Lastunen holds a presentation at the conference.

Jesse Lastunen's presentation discusses the SOUTHMOD project at UNU-WIDER, the SOUTHMOD family of microsimulation models, and the unique challenges and opportunities of tax-benefit modelling in a developing country context. The presentation complements the keynotes by Eric Toder (Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center) on the use of tax-benefit simulation models to inform policymaking in the United States, and Fidel Picos on the use of EUROMOD in European policymaking.

The aim of the conference is to bring together academics and practitioners of tax-benefit modeling to facilitate the exchange of experience and results regarding tax-benefit microsimulation models.

The presentation is part of UNU-WIDER's SOUTHMOD – simulating tax and benefit policies for development project. SOUTHMOD is part of UNU-WIDER's research and capacity development programme on domestic revenue mobilization (DRM), funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (Norad).