SOUTHMOD presented at the Zurich Conference on Public Finance in Developing Countries

14 December 2021

The 6th Zurich Conference on Public Finance in Developing Countries brings together leading economists working on public economics in developing countries on 13-15 December 2021. The online event provides an opportunity for researchers from different universities and countries to discuss their work in a relaxed atmosphere and to develop long-term collaborative relationships.

Keynote speaker at the conference is Ugo Gentilini (Global Lead for Social Assistance, World Bank), on 'Deja Vu or Game Changer? Facts and Reflections on Social Protection in Pandemic Times'.

At the conference, UNU-WIDER Research Associate Jesse Lastunen presents microsimulation-based research on COVID-19 undertaken by the SOUTHMOD team at UNU-WIDER in collaboration with SASPRI and the University of Essex. His presentation is titled 'The mitigating role of tax and benefit rescue packages for poverty and inequality in Africa amid the COVID-19 pandemic'.

Jesse Lastunen's presentation is part of the UNU-WIDER project SOUTHMOD - simulating tax and benefit policies for development. Tax-benefit microsimulation models provide knowledge for better policy-making and inclusive development. With the models the effects of different policy scenarios on poverty, inequality, and government revenues can be analysed and compared.

SOUTHMOD project is part of UNU-WIDER's research and capacity development programme on domestic revenue mobilization (DRM), funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (Norad).