Structured Query Language (SQL) training for revenue authorities

14-16 March 2023, online

Structured Query Language (SQL) training for revenue authorities

A new three day online Introduction to SQL capacity development workshop is provided to the research staff of the Ugandan, Tanzanian and Zambian revenue authorities on 14-16 March 2023.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed for managing data. It is particularly useful in handling structured data, i.e. data incorporating relations among entities and variables. Only few people in revenue authorities have the skills to extract and manipulate data in SQL.

The workshop, led by expert trainers, covers essential SQL topics such as SQL basics, data manipulation language (DML), and advanced SQL concepts. Real-world scenarios are included to provide practical experience.

About the project

The online training is part of UNU-WIDER's Building up efficient and fair tax systems – lessons based on administrative tax data project. The project is part of UNU-WIDER's programme on Domestic Revenue Mobilization (DRM). The DRM programme is financed by the Norwegian development co-operation agency Norad.