Understanding global and local inequalities: An EU - AFD initiative

Understanding global and local inequalities: An EU - AFD initiative

The recently established Research Facility on Inequalities is funded by the European Commission under its Development Cooperation Instrument. The Research Facility on Inequalities is implemented by Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

This new research facility aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of economic and social inequalities in developing and emerging countries through understanding drivers of inequalities and underlying factors at different spatial levels, as well as finding the most effective policies and approaches to address and reduce these inequalities.

In this context, the first public conference of Research Facility on Inequalities is being held on 15 January 2018, organised by the AFD. The conference presents activities and research programmes, which provide perspective on the existing research on inequalities. 

By bringing together experts, including UNU-WIDER Director Finn Tarp, the conference will provide a forum for debates on current trends in global inequality and its impact on populations, the links between inequality and poverty, as well as policy options for addressing inequality.

 Conference presenters include:

  • Martin Ravallion, Professor of Economics, Georgetown University
  • Finn Tarp, Director, UNU-WIDER
  • Gaël Giraud, Chief Economist, AFD
  • Murray Leibbrandt, Professor of Economics, University of Cape Town
  • Françoise Millecam, Head of Sector Employment and Social Inclusion – DEVCO B3
  • Anda David, Research Officer, AFD
  • Alex Prats, Inequality Lead, Oxfam International