UNU-WIDER at the Effective development co-operation summit

12-14 December

UNU-WIDER at the Effective development co-operation summit

UNU-WIDER attends the Effective development co-operation summit in Geneva, Switzerland 12-14 December, 2022. On 12 December, UNU-WIDER Senior Research Fellow Rachel Gisselquist presents a keynote at Spotlight session 1, titled 'Relating development cooperation to outcomes: Evidence from an International Research Conference'.
Watch the recording of the Spotlight session 1 here.


Closing the gap between academic analysis and policy praxis, interventions in this session seek to reflect on the challenges, opportunities and lessons learned from evidence-based research findings on how the application of the effectiveness principles in development co-operation have the potential to contribute towards delivering better development results for people and the planet, building stronger capacity, and helping to reduce aid dependency while representing better value for money. In the midpoint of Agenda 2030, achieving and sustaining development impact to accelerate progress towards the SDGs will require that development actors work better together, guiding multi-stakeholder partnerships by the imperative of effectiveness in development co-operation.

The summit will gather together ministers and decision-makers on development co-operation policies and programs, civil society leaders, CEOs of the private sector, and other key actors from trade unions, foundations, multilateral development banks, local and regional governments, parliamentarians, and academia.