Workshop: Data for tax revenue mobilisation

GRD project workshop

Workshop: Data for tax revenue mobilisation

The UNU-WIDER project Government Revenue Dataset (GRD) holds a virtual workshop to discuss research on 'Data for tax revenue mobilisation' on 28 April 2022. 

The workshop is attended by researchers selected to submit research papers though a recent open call for papers. The meeting is an opportunity for the project contributors to share, receive comments on, discuss, and debate their work in progress. All papers are forthcoming in the WIDER Working Paper Series

The presenters and the papers include: 

  • Domestic revenue mobilization and informality: recent trends, challenges and opportunities for sub-Saharan Africa by Abel Gwaindepi
  • Climate vulnerability and tax revenue mobilization in developing countries by Pierre Christian Tsopmo, Suzie Imelda Foudjo and Michelle Josée Ekila Elanga
  • Social protection expansions during COVID-19 and fiscal space – from ad hoc to durable solutions? by Annalena Oppel
  • Fiscal consequences of corporate tax avoidance by Evgeniya Dubinina, Petr Janský and Katarzyna Bilicka
  • The distributional effects of fiscal policy in sub-Saharan Africa by Idrissa Ouedraogo, Issa Dianda/Patrik Ouedraogo, Rodrigue Ouedraogo and Bassirou Konfe
  • Aid fragmentation and tax revenue mobilization in developing countries: Observations with new data by Ali Compaoré
  • A model to explain the impact of government revenue on the quality of governance by Stephen Hall and Bernadette O’Hare