GRD – Government Revenue Dataset

Presents a complete picture of government revenue and tax trends over time

The most recent version of the Government Revenue Dataset - updated in September 2023 - is open and free to use. 

The GRD aims to present a complete picture of government revenue and tax trends over time and allows for analysis at the country, regional or cross-country level. Where possible, figures are expressed both inclusive and exclusive of natural resource revenues, which helps to overcome a major obstacle to cross-country comparisons in existing data sources.

Full and additional datasets 

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Access full and additional datasets here

The underlying data for Central or General Government can also be downloaded through the link above. 

Visualization tool

The GRD Explorer tool allows users to access the GRD, compare countries, regions, and indicators and visualize the data. Alternatively, the dataset is available for download in Stata and Excel formats below. Currently, the GRD Explorer is optimized for desktop.


Get an overview of the GRD and its different datasets and documentation in our latest GRD User guide 2023.

Please contact us for any questions on the dataset. We welcome comments from users of the dataset, particularly with reference to recent updates. 

Please cite this dataset version as 'UNU-WIDER Government Revenue Dataset’. Version 2023.


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