Aimable Nsabimana

Research Fellow

Aimable Nsabimana is a Development Economist and a Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER. Currently he works on the Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development (SA-TIED) programme, under which he provides technical support to the Steering Group in ensuring the successful formulation and implementation of the research project under different workstreams; supports the works of the SA-TIED cross-cutting data stream, including the use and development of administrative tax data.

His work has been published in various journals, including Resource and Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization as well as the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Aimable has also served as the referee of different journals such as Energy Economics, World Development, African Development Review, The International Trade Journal, Agrekon and Agricultural Economics Review.

Before moving to UNU-WIDER, he was a Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Rwanda (UR), in the Department of Economics; but also, he served as the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance at Rwanda Polytechnic (RP). Aimable has spent time at UC Berkely as a CEGA-EASST Visiting Research Fellow. He holds a PhD in Economics from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden and Master’s (Msc) Degree in Economics from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.