Carol Newman

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

Carol Newman is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin, where she joined in 2002. She is currently on sabbatical at the University of Copenhagen for the 2013-14 academic year. Dr Newman completed her BA at Trinity in 1998 and her PhD in 2001. She is currently Champion of the International Development Research Theme at Trinity, and a research associate of the Institute for International Integration Studies also at Trinity.

Dr Newman’s main research interest is the microeconomics of development, with a focus on both household and enterprise behaviour. Currently, she is involved in a number of major projects in South-East Asia and Africa, and in the past has worked on microeconomic issues relating to the evolution of the agricultural sector in Ireland and the EU.

A UNU-WIDER Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow, Professor Newman is involved in UNU-WIDER’s project Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development. She is currently co-organizing one of the project’s six thematic sub-components on enterprise development for job creation and growth in South Africa.