How is COVID-19 changing development? WIDER Webinar Series

WIDER COVID-19 Webinar Series image UNDP BangladeshAt UNU-WIDER we’re responding and adapting to the coronavirus pandemic. This has meant reorienting our research focus and changing how we facilitate knowledge exchange.  We are making the most of the technology available and are pleased to host an online webinar series on COVID-19 and development.

The webinar series features a line-up of eminent researchers and development specialists to present new research on the implications they foresee of COVID-19 for global development efforts and the economic and social impacts for the Global South.

Catch up on recordings of all our past webinars on our YouTube channel and SoundCloud station.

Upcoming events
Tuesday 24 November
16:00 UTC+2
Daria Taglioni, World Bank
Discussant: Selim Raihan, University of Dhaka
Implications of COVID-19 for global value chains
Tuesday 8 December
16:00 UTC+2
Myles Wickstead, King's College London
Discussant: Nilima Gulrajani, Overseas Development Institute 
Changing face of aid and development
Past events
Tuesday 10 November
16:00 - 17:15 UTC+2
François Roubaud and Isabelle Guérin, IRD
Discussants: Gulzar Natarajan, Indian Administrative Service;
Rachel M. Gisselquist, UNU-WIDER
COVID-19 and the role of RCTs in development
Video recording (YouTube)
Audio recording (SoundCloud)
Tuesday 29 September
16:00 UTC+3
Funda Ustek-Spilda, Fairwork Foundation
Discussant: Arturo Arriagada, UAI-Chile
Looking ahead after Covid-19: Fair work in the Gig economy

Video recording (YouTube)
Audio recording (SoundCloud)
Tuesday 7 July
16:00 UTC+3
Olivier Bargain, University of Bordeaux
Discussant: Amina Ebrahim, UNU-WIDER
Poverty and COVID-19 in developing countries  

Video recording (YouTube)
Audio recording (SoundCloud)

Tuesday 30 June
16:00 UTC+3

Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University
Discussant: Barbara Barungi, Imara Africa Consulting 
Responding to COVID-19 in developing countries

Video recording (YouTube)
Audio recording (SoundCloud)
Tuesday 23 June
16:00 UTC+3
Eva-Maria Egger and Ricardo Santos, UNU-WIDER
Discussant: Tilman Brück, ISDC

Monday 15 June
16:00 UTC+3

Mick Moore, University of Sussex
Discussant: Milly Nalukwago, Uganda Revenue Authority
Tuesday 2 June
16:00 UTC+3
Yuen Yuen Ang, University of Michigan
When COVID-19 meets centralized, personalized power

Video recording (YouTube)
Audio recording (SoundCloud)
Tuesday 12 May
16:00 UTC+3
Andy Sumner, King’s College London
Discussant: Arief Yusuf, Padjadjaran University
COVID-19: A long crisis or new normal in developing countries?

Video recording (YouTube)
Audio recording (SoundCloud)