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Income diversification in Sub-Saharan Africa – UNU-WIDER and UONGOZI Institute's research on Tanzanian television

Income diversification and household welfare was the topic of the April 2020 episode of the InFocus interview series of UONGOZI Institute, UNU-WIDER's partner in the Tanzania country programme. The interviewee was Oliver Morrissey, a UNU-WIDER Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow. The interview was broadcasted on national television by the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).

In the interview Oliver Morrissey, a Professor of Development Economics at the University of Nottingham, shared research findings on the connections between income diversification and household welfare in Africa. The key concern is, what is the optimal way for a household to diversify its income to achieve improved welfare.

Oliver Morrissey has authored a Working Paper for the Tanzania research programme on income diversification and household welfare in Tanzania 2008-2013. The research results indicate that increasing diversification in Tanzania is associated with higher welfare, but there are differences by gender and activity type.

Watch the interview:

Another Working Paper within the collaborative research programme looks at patterns and development of rural income diversification in Kagera, Tanzania, spanning over the period of years 1990-2004.

See also a Policy Brief on the topic, based on these two Working Papers: