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UNU-WIDER’s expert interviewed on social impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in Portuguese media


Patricia Justino on national TV

On 13 October 2020, UNU-WIDER’s Senior Research Fellow Patricia Justino appeared in the Portuguese TV program SIC Primeiro Jornal to talk about results from a research project Life with Corona. The program reaches up to 1 million viewers in Portugal and Brazil.

In her interview, Professor Justino highlighted key findings from a recently published report Life with Corona: Shared Global Sentiments and Stark Generational Divides. These included:

  • Challenging the image of young people as careless superspreaders of the disease, young adults actively perform many behaviours to counter the pandemic
  • Around the world, people want global access to a vaccine. Only in the USA do a larger proportion support special access for their own country – but also 42% of the Portuguese respondents thought they should get priority access if the vaccine was developed there.

UNU-WIDER is part of the research consortium running the survey, with Professor Justino as a co-leader of the project.

View the news clip below (in Portuguese).


Patricia Justino on UPorto University podcast

On 23 October, 2020 Professor Justino appeared in a podcast series Conversas de Género / Gender Talks, produced by UPorto University. She discussed findings from the Life with Corona survey, particularly in relation to gender disparities. 

Listen to the podcast episode here (in Portuguese).