New video series details how our research has contributed to change

Stories of Change video series shows the impact of the first phase of UNU-WIDER’s Domestic Revenue Mobilization (DRM) programme.

The first phase of UNU-WIDER's DRM programme helped improve Global South countries’ tax systems and strengthen their domestic capacities for revenue collection through seven different workstreams in 2020–2023. The Stories of Change video series shows the transformations these research and capacity development initiatives have been able to trigger.

The video series is built around interviews with our partners, staff, and stakeholders that have seen or experienced change thanks to their collaborations with us. The interviews were captured in Oslo, Norway during the WIDER Development Conference Revving up revenue for development – the role of domestic resource mobilization. The video series consists of 12 different 2-minute stories and one compilation video:

We have also published three WIDER Angle blogs based on the Stories of Change: