Press release: Mozambican business environment continues to pose challenges for manufacturing firms

Press release: Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme to launch report at public forum on 23 April 2018

Maputo — Mozambican manufacturing firms continue to face logistical, regulatory, and financial constraints that hinder their ability to function and thrive, finds a new comprehensive study.

Part of the ongoing Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme based at the Directorate of Economic and Financial Studies of the Ministry of Economics and Finance, and the Centre for Economic and Management Studies at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, the 2017 Survey of Mozambican Manufacturing Firms report will be launched at a public forum held at the Polana Serena Hotel on 23 April.

At the public forum, researchers from project partners as well as representatives from industry and government will discuss the current challenges faced by micro-, small- and medium-sized manufacturing firms in Mozambique — and how policy can address these issues.

‘The new report on Mozambican manufacturing firms provides crucial insight into areas that need particular attention, such as the challenges firms face to access credit and the barriers they still encounter when trying to formalize,’ says Professor José Guambe of CEEG. ‘The interviews and analysis conducted lay the groundwork for making more informed decisions, with the ultimate goal of allowing enterprises to prosper.’

The analysis was made possible through data collection performed by the Centre for Economic and Management Studies, and their team of 31 local enumerators, selected among graduates of management, accountancy, and economics.

The 2017 Survey of Mozambican Manufacturing Firms report, which builds on data collected in 2012, will be available in hard copy at the event on 23 April. It will also be released digitally on the programme website on the same day. 

The report was prepared by a team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). Professor Peter Fisker, Research Fellow Ricardo Santos, and Director Finn Tarp will be available for interviews at the event following the main programme.

Media are welcome at the public forum.

Researchers will be available for interviews at the event

About the ‘Inclusive growth in Mozambique’ programme

The central goal of this collaborative programme is to support inclusive growth in Mozambique — growth that substantially improves the living standards of the country’s population over the long term.

To address ongoing challenges and make real progress, two Mozambican institutions — the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the University Eduardo Mondlane — join forces with two institutions with extensive international networks and experience: UNU-WIDER and the University of Copenhagen. The programme is supported financially by Danida, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporative (SDC).

Together the leadership and staff of the four partner institutions have decades of experience in generating the evidence necessary for effective policy-formulation, designing actual policies, and capacity-building. Joint efforts are carried out with the aim of increasing analytical capabilities and strengthening policy-making in the country. Through the programme, partners work to seize new opportunities, while scaling-up past efforts and aiming for major broad-based impact on the welfare of the Mozambican people.


For more questions and to arrange interviews with project experts, please contact Anette Camorai, Communications and Project Assistant, email: or telephone: (+258) 84 777 5191.

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