An energy social accounting matrix (SAM) for Vietnam

The current Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Vietnam is for the year 2007. UNU-WIDER and associate researchers work with staff of the Central Institute of Economic Management in Vietnam (CIEM) and the SAM Toolkit to update the SAM to the year 2011 and to extend this SAM to include a more detailed treatment of Vietnam’s energy sector. For this purpose a new set of demand and supply data for 2011 needs to be compiled.

The necessary information includes (1) sectoral estimates of gross domestic product (GDP), divided into labour earnings and gross operating surplus; (2) imports and exports for the detailed products in the SAM; (3) final demand data, including private and public consumption and investment demand; and (4) tax information, such as import duties and sales taxes collected by detailed product.

The second project activity involves disaggregating the energy sectors and products in the new 2011 SAM. This will produce a 2011 Energy SAM for Vietnam. In a third step, an initial assessment of the carbon and energy intensity of Vietnam’s economy is conducted by using the Energy SAM. This carbon/energy intensity analysis provides empirical evidence that supports the drafting of a policy brief on Green Growth in Vietnam.