Journal Special Issue
Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

The articles in the forthcoming special issue are already available online on full open access. The special issue will be officially published in March 2019, vol. 55, issue 3.

Legal empowerment has become widely accepted in development policy circles as an approach to addressing poverty and exclusion. At the same time, it has received relatively little attention from political scientists and sociologists working on overlapping and closely related topics – the rule of law, the functioning of judicial systems, property rights, labour politics, and business and governance, among others. Research on legal empowerment has been largely applied, with clearest grounding in the fields of law and economics. This special issue speaks to this gap with contributions on six core areas of legal empowerment. 

Table of contents
  1. 1. Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality
    Rachel M. Gisselquist
    More Working Paper | Legal empowerment and group-based inequality
  2. 2. Access to What?: Legal Agency and Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples in Latin America
    Daniel M. Brinks
    More Working Paper | Access to what?
  3. 3. Identity Documents, Welfare Enhancement, and Group Empowerment in the Global South
    Wendy Hunter
    More Working Paper | Formalizing safety nets and the requirements to obtain them
  4. 4. Legal Empowerment of the Poor through Property Rights Reform: Tensions and Trade-offs of Land Registration and Titling in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Catherine Boone
    More Working Paper | Legal empowerment of the poor through property rights reform
  5. 5. Using Legal Empowerment for Labour Rights in India
    Rina Agarwala
    More Working Paper | Using legal empowerment for labour rights in India
  6. 6. Can Business Rights Alleviate Group-Based Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa?: Understanding the Limits to Reform
    Scott D. Taylor
    More Working Paper | Business rights and ethnic exclusion in sub-Saharan Africa
  7. 7. Legal Empowerment and Horizontal Inequalities after Conflict
    Lars Waldorf
    More Working Paper | Legal empowerment and horizontal inequalities after conflict
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