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Policy Brief pdf
– L’Expérience Africaine Peut-Elle Inspirer la Banque Centrale Européenne
David Fielding - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

Les 14 pays membres de la zone franc en Afrique de l'Ouest et en Afrique centrale constituent - avec plusieurs décennies d'avance sur l'Union monétaire européenne - la plus importante union monétaire de l'hémisphère austral. Face à la perspective de création, à court terme, de...

Policy Brief pdf
David Fielding - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

The 14-member Franc Zone in West and Central Africa represents the largest monetary union in the southern hemisphere, predating the European Monetary Union by decades. With monetary unions planned for other parts of Africa in the near future, Macroeconomic Policy in the Franc Zone focuses on some...

Book Chapter
– Evidence from the West African Economic and Monetary Union
David Fielding - , 2005
Book Chapter
– Country-Level Credit Policy
Anja Shortland, David Stasavage - , 2005
Book Chapter
– Time-Series and Cross-Country Evidence from the Franc Zone Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa
Michael F. Bleaney, Akira Nishiyama - , 2005
David Fielding - Journal of African Economies, 2004 - Oxford, UK

Members of the CFA-zone enjoy currency convertibility, fiscal and monetary policies which are more prudent than SSA as a whole, and a large amount of financial and technical assistance. These advantages do not appear, however, to have resulted in more rapid economic and human development in the CFA...

Working Paper pdf
– A West African Example
David Fielding, Kevin Lee, Kalvinder Shields - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

We construct a structural macroeconometric model for member states of the West African Economic and Monetary Union. Fitting this model to annual and quarterly time series data allows us to identify the channels through which macroeconomic innovation in one country impact on other countries in the...

Working Paper pdf
David Fielding, Kevin Lee, Kalvinder Shields - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

In this paper we fit a VECM in output and prices to data from ten countries of the CFA Franc Zone. This model allows for various cross-country interactions in both the short run and the long run. The VECM parameters are used to estimate persistence profiles of different kinds, in order to identify...

Working Paper pdf
– Estimating Interest Rate Rules for the BCEAO
Anja Shortland, David Stasavage - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines to what extent the central bank for the West African Economic and Monetary Union (BCEAO) has used interest rate policy in response to domestic economic developments. We show that while in the long run the BCEAO matches changes in French (Eurozone) interest rates one for one, in...

Working Paper pdf
Jean-Paul Azam - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper brings out that poverty increased massively in the wake of the 1994 devaluation of the CFA franc, despite a significant recovery of economic growth. Although this increase affected all the social groups, it fell mostly on the urban poor. An analytical model is presented, which explains...

Working Paper pdf
Lambert N’galadjo Bamba - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

L’objectif de cet étude est d’analyser l’état de la convergence dans l’UEMOA, de 1980 à 2001, à travers les critères de convergence définis dans son pacte de convergence. On utilise l’approche méthodologique de Haldane et Hall (1991) pour appréhender la dynamique des...

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