Think WIDER Webinar Series – New perspectives on development

Think WIDER – New perspectives on development webinar series features a line-up of eminent researchers and development specialists who present their work and discuss new perspectives to the topic of global development.

This webinar series continues from where the previous one left off, discussing the world that needs to worry not only about COVID-19 but also other pressing problems such as climate change and growing inequality.

Catch up on recordings of all our past webinars on our YouTube channel and SoundCloud station.

Upcoming events
Tuesday 30 November
16:00 UTC+2
Joseph Asunka, Afrobarometer
Emmanuel Gyimah-Boadi, Afrobarometer
Afrobarometer and SDG Scorecards: Tracking progress toward sustainable development in Africa

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Past events
Tuesday 2 November
16:00 UTC+2

Brian Levy, Johns Hopkins University
Alan Hirsch, University of Cape Town
Why ‘good governance’ is not enough: Can South Africa meet the challenge of economic inclusion?

Video recording (YouTube)

Tuesday 5 October
16:00 UTC+3
Luis Felipe López Calva, UNDP
Discussant: Carlos Gradín, UNU-WIDER
Escaping the trap of low growth and high inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Video recording (YouTube)