WIDER Seminar Series

The WIDER Seminar Series showcases the latest research on key topics in development economics. At the weekly sessions, early-career and senior researchers present recent and ongoing work touching on structural transformation, inclusion, and sustainability, the three pillars of UNU-WIDER’s work programme.

In addition to providing a forum for both academic debate and training, the series presents an opportunity for local policy makers and others interested in development to learn about the latest research methods and findings.

The programme for spring 2018 features, in addition to UNU-WIDER researchers, several notable guest speakers, including Vincent Somville of the Norwegian School of Economics, who will speak on barriers to female empowerment, and Sanchari Roy of King's College London, who will present on inheritance rights reform in India. 

Spring 2018 schedule - Wednesdays at 15:00

More information on this spring's presentations can be found through the links below.

18 April Lore Vandewalle, Assistant Professor, The Graduate Institute
Access to formal banking and household finances: Experimental evidence from India
25 April Lule He, PhD Candidate, University of Queensland
Sustainability-smart local demands: A study on recovery process after the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Nepal

Esther Heesemann, PhD Candidate, University of Göttingen 
“Lucky” Iron Leaf? The impact of a novel iron fortification device on child health and development: Evidence from India
2 May Arip Muttaqien, PhD Candidate, Maastricht University
The effect of ethnicity on earnings disparities and earnings polarization: Evidence from Indonesia

Marcos Hecksher, PhD Candidate, Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada
Income mobility before and under recession in Brazil: Unequal risks and protections
9 May Kyle McNabb, Research Fellow, UNU-WIDER
Assessing the targeting efficiency of the Zambian social cash transfer: A tax-benefit microsimulation approach
16 May Joana Naritomi, Assistant Professor, London School of Economics
Unemployment insurance schemes and consumption: Evidence from Brazil
23 May Abhijeet Singh, Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics
Understanding the flailing state: Experimental evidence from a large-scale school governance improvement programme in India 
30 May Kasim Ggombe Munyegera, Country Economist, International Growth Center
The gender gap in firm productivity: Evidence from establishment and household enterprise data from Rwanda
6 June Amina Ebrahim, Research Associate, UNU-WIDER
The effects of a youth wage subsidy on South African employment: An update
27 June Himanshu Himanshu, Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Inequality in India: A re-examination
4 July Seonghoon Kim, Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University 
Teach me in my mother tongue: Experimental evidence from a summer school program in Malawi
11 July Matias Busso, Lead Economist, Inter-American Development Bank
Remedial reading in small group tutorials: Short and medium run effects of three experiments in colombia
25 July Matias Busso, Lead Economist, Inter-American Development Bank
Peer effects and academic achievement: Experimental evidence from ability grouping in Mexico


Early spring 2018 schedule

February Philip Verwimp, Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles 
Impact evaluation of an off-gride energy project in rural Burundi
7 March Carlos Gradín, Research Fellow, UNU-WIDER
Occupational gender segregation in post-apartheid South Africa
14 March Faraz Usmani, PhD Candidate, Duke University
Fracking, farmers, and rural electrification in India

Larissa Nawo, PhD Candidate, Dschang School of Economics and Management
Why are African ruling elites so enamoured with sovereign wealth funds?
21 March Kalle Hirvonen, Research Fellow, IFPRI
The impact of large-scale social protection interventions on grain prices in poor countries: Evidence from Ethiopia
28 March Vincent Somville, Assistant Professor, Norwegian School of Economics
Barriers to female empowerment: Evidence from a field experiment in Tanzania
4 April Sanchari Roy, Senior Lecturer, King’s College London
Women’s inheritance rights reform and the preference for sons in India
11 April Patricia Justino, Research Fellow, IDS
On the legacies of wartime governance


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