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Data Scientist (NPSA)

UNU-WIDER is hiring a Data Scientist in Pretoria, South Africa. As a Data Scientist, you will contribute to the data extraction and data preparation for our Southern African – Towards Inclusive Economic Development (SA-TIED) programme.

Closing date: 22 March 2023
Visiting PhD Fellowship

Our Visiting PhD Fellowship Programme gives registered doctoral students an opportunity to utilize the resources and facilities at UNU-WIDER for their PhD dissertation or thesis research on developing economies, and to work with our researchers in...

Closing date: 31 March 2023
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Paving the way for fiscal capacity
21 March 2023
Online, Finland
Past event
From Monterrey to Addis Ababa, and what has happened since?

The importance of domestic revenue mobilization and taxation for sustainable development is widely acknowledged in global development discussions, but for real change to happen the amounts of development aid and political engagement need to live up t...

Domestic revenue mobilization Taxation Sustainable development
Unravelling the puzzle of peace: Short videos on key issues in peace and conflict research

A new series of nine short videos produced by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) has just been released. The Puzzle of peace video series features leading economists, political scientists,...

Legacies of violent conflict - cover
Journal Special Issue
Women’s Work: Routes to social and economic empowerment

FORTHCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE/COLLECTION IN WORLD DEVELOPMENT (journal), INDIVIDUAL ARTICLES ON OPEN ACCESS | In recent decades, trends in female labour force participation rates have been very heterogeneous across developing countries, despite widesprea...

Journal Article
Educational expansion and shifting private returns to education: Evidence from Mozambique

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW | We examine how returns to education have evolved in the context of post-conflict reconstruction and economic growth in Mozambique over the period 1996–2015...

Returns to education Workforce Employment
Journal Article
Improving parenting practices for early child development: Experimental evidence from Rwanda

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW | This study investigates the short- and medium-term impact of a randomized group-based early child development program targeting parents of children aged 6–24 months in a poor, rural district of Rwanda...

Child education Child development Parenting programme
Direct support to small scale farmers reduces poverty: What Zambia is doing right

Over half of Zambia’s population lived below the national poverty line in 2015. In rural areas, where 89% of households are engaged in agriculture, the poverty rate was even higher, at 77% of the population. Coffee harvest at a farm in Zambia...

Agricultural policy Tax Cash transfers
Working Paper
The loser’s long curse: electoral consequences of a class conflict

This paper presents evidence of political legacies of exposure to a violent class conflict over 100 years...

Civil conflict Class Elections
Working Paper
Don’t rock the boat? Fears of conflict and support for protest in Iraq and beyond

Why do people support—or refrain from supporting—nonviolent protests for political change?...

protest Nonviolene Conflict
Working Paper
States of disorder: An ecosystems approach to state-building in conflict-affected countries

Why is the recent track record of state-building so poor?...

Statebuilding Peacebuilding Governance
Working Paper
Trust the hand that protects you—Does UN peacekeeping harm post-conflict governments’ legitimacy?

Rebuilding state legitimacy is a thorny challenge in the aftermath of civil wars. The international community has stepped in to support post-conflict states in rebuilding state capacity, sometimes replacing governments in providing public goods...

State legitimacy Post-conflict Trust
UNU-WIDER launches new series: Cambridge Elements in Development Economics

UNU-WIDER is excited to publish the first titles in a new series of peer-reviewed, original, authoritative, and succinct publications combining the best features of books and journals, made especially for digital access.

Cambridge Elements image
Marinella Leone on What drives parental investments in early childhood
8 February 2023
Hybrid, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Marine mining and its potential implications for low- and middle-income countries

After 50 years of optimistic predictions that marine mining will soon take off, it still remains to be seen if and when this will happen...

Marine resources Mining Fiscal regime
Working Paper
The unintended long-run impacts of agro-terrorism in Brazil

This paper studies the unintended long-run effects of a permanent agricultural shock led by agro-terrorism in Brazil on the education and labour market...

Education Wages Agriculture
Climate resilience and sustainable sovereign debt

2022 is already a record-breaker in the number of climate change-related events , and developing countries must now pay for the repairs and remediation needed to combat the consequences...

Debt sustainability Fiscal sustainability Sustainability
Not too long and not too short: Introducing the new UNU-WIDER and Cambridge University Press series in Development Economics

Simon Kuznets’ pipe dream was to have economic inequality data that rarely existed when he was writing. What are the pipe dreams of today’s development economists?...

Social mobility COVID-19 Academic excellence
Global tax reforms, net-zero, and domestic revenue: Food for thought from the DRM programme

Domestic revenue mobilization (DRM) and taxation have gained prominence lately on the global agenda, most recently with the resolution for the United Nations (UN) to lead the global discourse on tax rules ...

Domestic revenue mobilization Net Zero Illicit financial flows
Working Paper
The link between public debt and public investment in Tanzania

In a bid to realize its development aspirations, Tanzania has made concerted efforts to increase public investment, particularly in the last decade...

Public investments Tanzania Public debt
Teamwork and capacity strengthening to promote development: The case of Mozambique

Designing and implementing public policies requires caution to guarantee the best use of scarce resources, especially in middle- and lower-income countries...

Social protection Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy
Senior Research Fellow Patricia Justino appointed as Deputy Director of UNU-WIDER

The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) appoints Senior Research Fellow Patricia Justino as Deputy Director on 1 August 2022.

Conflict Trust Governance
The puzzle of peace - conference image
Working Paper
Determinants of gender gaps in youth employment in urban Mozambique

In this study, we explore the correlates of the employment gender gap among urban youth in Mozambique. Young people are confronted with simultaneous decisions about education, work and family life influenced by social norms around gender roles...

Gender gap Employment Decomposition
Urban poverty: cities, slums, and the need for policy action

Developing countries will be predominantly urban by 2030...

Social mobility India Urbanization
Working Paper
Elite incomes around the world: Command over tradables, non-tradables, and people

This paper analyses elite incomes around the world, and how international comparisons of elite incomes vary depending on the exchange rate and income concept used...

Elites Income inequality Exchange rate
Is there a silver lining to COVID-19? The effects of government responses on financial inclusion

The toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being assessed. Meanwhile, new variants continue to threaten as the reservoir of infected people remains large enough for mutations to proliferate...

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