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The primary ICTD GRD dataset merges data from central and general government sources, employing the latter where it is available and appropriate - as described in Prichard et al. (2014).  For users interested in using only Central or General Government data, those individual datasets are provided below. Data was last updated in June 2020.


File ICTDWIDERGRD_2020_Central.xlsx
File ICTDWIDERGRD_2020_General.xlsx


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All of the primary files are provided without formulas for calculating relevant values, as their inclusion causes the files to run slowly on some older computers. Users wishing to explore the data in depth can do so in the ‘Full’ files, which contain all of the original formulas.

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Working Paper (2017) | Download

This paper describes in depth some of the changes in the 2017 GRD, which are the result of learning during the update process, user feedback and changes to the underlying source data. Attention is paid to the recording of social security contributions, the treatment of VAT or excises collected on imports and the classification of some property taxes.

User Guide | Download

The user guide contains information on the construction of the GRD and answers some common questions on how to use it appropriately and its limitations. 

Working Paper | Download

The Working Paper, from 2014, contains a detailed description of the background and initial construction of the GRD.

Research Brief | Download

This short research brief presents a comparison of the GRD with the IMF’s World Revenue Longitudinal Dataset (WoRLD), 2015 version.


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