UNU-WIDER and the National Treasury conference

Growth and development policy – new data, new approaches, and new evidence

Growth and development policy – new data, new approaches, and new evidence

Economies in the southern Africa region face thorny challenges when it comes to the transformation of their economies, job creation, and the need to share the benefits of growth. For the past three years, more than 100 researchers have engaged in a collaborative research programme with the ultimate aim of spurring economic growth and improving development prospects in the southern Africa region. The conference sessions will seek to interrogate these research findings and vigorously debate their implications. 
The conference features two major themes. One theme focuses on South Africa with an emphasis on positive policy steps for rekindling growth with equity. The other theme focuses on regional growth and development with an emphasis on "win-win" responses to regional challenges and opportunities.

The conference will bring together researchers, technical experts and policy makers from UNU-WIDER, the National Treasury and several other partners. It will take place at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! in Pretoria, 30 November–1 December 2016.

See the programme here or download the pdf.

About the project

The Regional growth and development in southern Africa aims to develop, in conjunction with important research/policy institutions in the region, regional growth and development initiatives that generate economic transformation and widely shared development benefits.

New insights are generated with new data including a time series of real and nominal social accounting matrices from 1993-2013, comprehensive administrative tax record data compiled in collaboration with SARS, and original data on regional trade.