Micro, small, and medium enterprises in Viet Nam

Project workshop

Project workshop - Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Viet Nam

Researchers and policy makers met in Hanoi on 7-8 November 2017 to discuss ongoing work on micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises based on the latest data available from the Viet Nam SME survey. With a significant share of the country’s labour force employed in these types of enterprises, the survey offers critical information and understanding of the private sector, with the aim of ultimately promoting growth. 

The Viet Nam SME survey, collected every other year since 2005, is a collaborative effort of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), the Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs (ILSSA), the Development Economics Research Group (DERG) at the University of Copenhagen, and UNU-WIDER. It forms part of the Structural transformation and inclusive growth in Viet Nam project.

Data from the survey is available for download here


Tuesday, 7 November 2017
Opening remarks
Finn Tarp, Director, UNU-WIDER
Thanh Tam Nguyen, Researcher, CIEM: Dynamics of slack resource and innovation: The case of Vietnamese SMEs
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
Christophe Nordman, Research Fellow, Institute of Research for Development: Pecuniary returns to working conditions in Viet Nam
Neda Trifkovic, Researcher, University of Copenhagen: Certification and business risk
19:00 Dinner
Wednesday, 8 November 2017
08:30-09:30 Hai Anh La, Research Fellow, University of Canberra: Informality in Vietnam: is it a matter of selection or no choice?
Axel Demenet, Analyst, Paris Dauphine University: How important are management practices for SME’s productivity?
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
John Rand, Professor, University of Copenhagen: Are politically connected firms less constrained in credit markets | Comparing estimated and self-reported mark-ups for formal and informal firms in an emerging market context
Closing remarks
Finn Tarp, Director, UNU-WIDER
12:30 Lunch