John Rand

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

John Rand is a professor of development economics at the University of Copenhagen. His research focus includes: industrial policy and firm dynamics; quantitative impact evaluation of development projects; and macroeconomics of international capital flows. Professor Rand has significant country experience from Vietnam and Mozambique (resident advisor in 2001 and 2008, respectively) and research experience through project involvement in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Uganda.

Currently, he is Co-Editor of the European Journal of Development Research, member of the Steering Committee of the Joint MFS II Evaluations Programme in Holland, and since 2019, also Deputy Director of the Development Economics Research Group (DERG) at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

A Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER, Professor Rand is involved in the project Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development. Specifically, he is co-organizing the project’s sub-component focusing on enterprise development for job creation and growth in South Africa.