• Human capital and growth

    WIDER development conference

    Human capital has been identified not only as a key determinant of growth and poverty alleviation, but as critical for human development. This conference will contribute to a better understanding of these topics by shedding light on the interactions of human capital accumulation and growth, both at micro and macro levels. It will bring together about 100-150 academics and researchers from all over the world and provide a forum to discuss innovative, theoretical, and empirical research.

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    Photo: Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank

    Direct interventions against poverty in poor places

    WIDER Annual Lecture 20 by Martin Ravallion

    Martin Ravallion, a leading economist in the research of poverty and policies for fighting it, is best known for his proposal of the ‘$1 per day’ poverty line, which became very widely accepted a universal measurement for monitoring progress against global poverty. At WIDER Annual Lecture 20 he will discuss the economic and political issues of the use of direct interventions, such as cash transfers and in kind contributions, against poverty.

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    Photo: UN Photo/Kibae Park

    TIPS Annual Forum 2016

    Industrialisation and the mining economy

    While mining exports in developing countries are sought to lead to wealth and GDP growth, the outcomes are often deeply inequitable, as mining itself creates relatively few jobs while a limited elite capture the resulting rents. This conference aims to deepen understanding of the linkages between industrial development and the mining economy, looking at the inputs, downstream and service sector as well the role of research and development.

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    Photo: Stevie Mann / ILRI

    Mapping the future of development economics

    UNU-WIDER 30th anniversary conference

    To celebrate its 30th year, UNU-WIDER is organized a three-day event of presentations, discussion and debate. Titled, ‘Mapping the future of development economics’, the conference took place in Helsinki from 17 to 19 September 2015. By bringing together key figures, including some of the world’s most eminent development leaders, and the new generation of researchers and practitioners, the institute is both continuing a worthy history, and helping to build a stronger future for the field.

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    Three decades of change in development

    WIDER Annual Lecture 19 by Amartya Sen

    The 2015 WIDER Annual Lecture was given by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen in Helsinki on 19 September 2015. He discussed the overall challenge of sustainable and human-focused development including new and old challenges.

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