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Study on global tax avoidance garners worldwide attention

A new WIDER Working Paper has brought attention around the world to government revenue loss from tax avoidance. The study finds that, globally, low- and lower middle-income countries are hit the hardest; in terms of regions, losses are most intense in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South Asia. 

•    Tax losses in Chad exceeded all of the taxes collected in the country in 2013
•    Pakistan tax losses equivalent to 40% of taxes collected
•    Zambia losses exceeded 4% of GDP

Within a day of its release, the study was featured in the Guardian, the Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo! News, AOL News, Paginá 12, and various other local publications. 

The paper is poised to make an important contribution to the broader understanding of corporate tax evasion globally and by country. Authors Alex Cobham of the Tax Justice Network and Petr Jansky of Charles University re-estimate the model developed by International Monetary Fund researchers – often considered the most comprehensive study to date – and draw on data from the ICTD–WIDER Government Revenue Dataset in their analysis. 

The study, published in partnership with the International Centre for Tax and Development, is part of the WIDER Working Paper series. 

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