Journal Special Issue
Aid, Social Policy and Development

The UNU-WIDER Special Issue aims to address collectively the following questions:

(1) What are the principles and facts that have underpinned the evolution of bilateral and multilateral social sector aid over the past 25 years? In particular, how pro-poor has aid to the social sectors been? 
(2) What policy tools, innovations and modalities have, or might be used, to improve the efficiency of aid to the social sectors? What role can emerging donors play in that process?
(3) What are the main challenges ahead to improve the efficacy of the aid architecture in the social sectors? Are these technical or administrative in nature, and/or political? 

This Special Issue comes at a crucial time as the international development community moves on from the MDGs to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The debate on the role of social policy in the agenda is a very live one in the UN system, within the multilateral and bilateral agencies and, not least, within developing country governments and civil society more broadly.

Table of contents