Working Paper
A Pre-Prototype 2015 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Myanmar

This paper documents the compilation of a Pre-Prototype 2015 Social Accounting Matrix for Myanmar and provides an overview of key economic structural features of this emerging economy in a challenging process of transition.

We built this Social Accounting Matrix using National Accounts and Supply and Use Table data as well as Balance of Payment data for the 2014–15 fiscal year together with Government Budget Statistics from the 2017 Statistical Yearbook. It provides a detailed representation of the Myanmar economy and identifies 43 activities and 43 commodities.

We disaggregated labour by education attainment level and household income and expenditure by per capita expenditure quintiles for both urban and rural areas and farm and non-farm categories. The Social Accounting Matrix features government, investment, and foreign accounts and is a key database for conducting economy-wide impact assessments to strengthen the evidence underlying policy interventions.