Stockholm Statement – Towards a new consensus on the principles of policy-making for the contemporary world

Thirteen economists, which included four former Chief Economists of the World Bank, met over two days at Saltsjöbaden, Sweden, on 16-17 September 2016, to discuss the challenges faced by today’s economic policy makers. The meeting was hosted by the Swedish International Development Agency and the World Bank. The group consisted of Sabina Alkire (Oxford), Pranab Bardhan (Berkeley), Kaushik Basu (New York), Haroon Bhorat (Cape Town), Francois Bourguignon (Paris), Ashwini Deshpande (Delhi), Ravi Kanbur (Ithaca), Justin Yifu Lin (Beijing), Kalle Moene (Oslo), Jean-Philippe Platteau (Namur), Jaime Saavedra (Lima), Joseph Stiglitz (New York), and Finn Tarp (Helsinki and Copenhagen). At the end of the meeting the group decided to issue a statement of the consensus reached among them: the 'Stockholm Statement'.

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These are the principles: