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Regional Growth and Development in Southern Africa project - an interview with Channing Arndt

Channing Arndt , Senior Research Fellow of UNU-WIDER, outlines the main research areas for this project on economic growth in the Southern African region. The project has two main elements – one specifically on the South African economy; the...

South Africa Industrialization Regional economics
The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions project - an interview with Channing Arndt

Channing Arndt , Senior Research Fellow of UNU-WIDER, presents the thinking behind this project and the study of implementation of clean energy policies. With the forthcoming Paris Conference of the Parties (CoP 21, December 2015) attention is...

Sustainable energy Climate change mitigation Political economy
The rise of social protection

In this interview Professor Armando Barrientos from the University of Manchester explains why the use of social protection is increasing and highlights a number of success stories. But he also explains why foreign aid can play only a limited role in...

Amartya Sen: Feminism is an issue of humanity

“I think gender inequality is not the natural human condition. But the idea that somehow women have to be in an inferior position – or not quite such dominant position – is really wholly artificial for me” says Amartya Sen...

Gender equality Feminism Economic inequality
ReCom results meeting: Jobs – Aid at work

The ReCom results meeting under the theme ‘Growth & Employment’ titled 'Jobs – Aid at Work' was held 8 October in Copenhagen, Denmark. Speakers included policy makers, practitioners and academics. More about the event...

Research communication: Why doesn’t research turn into policy?

At the recent UNU-WIDER research conference on development and climate change, the communications team took the opportunity to ask participants visiting us here in Helsinki for their views on how research turns into policy. We heard many interesting...

Cost of capital: the real price of green energy

Despite massive potential investments, green energy is not up to speed in Africa. The reason is not the cost or durability of the technology but a financial factor—the cost of capital.

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