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Information asymmetries in extractive industries

In the second part of this blog, Alan R. Roe discusses what is known about the informational failures that pose challenges for governments in projecting revenues from extractive industries. Read the first part here.  Important new light has been thrown on information gaps faced by governments in making revenue predictions for the extractive industries by a recent research report from the African Development Bank (2017). The AfDB evidence base was constructed by surveying some 50...

Workforce and leadership characteristics in Mozambican manufacturing

Policy Brief 1/2018 – Workforce and leadership characteristics in Mozambican manufacturing
Firms that survived the economic downturn adopted restrictive human resources management, reducing the workforce and making it more flexible, which in turn made employment more vulnerable. In 2017, manufacturing sector leadership appears both more satisfied and more inclined to support the training of their workers. Entrepreneurs reveal significant aversion to risk, which will constrain their ability to invest, both in physical and human capital. The 2017 Survey of Mozambican...

The business environment of Mozambican manufacturing firms

Policy Brief 2/2018 – The business environment of Mozambican manufacturing firms
Weak supply chains, both in quantity and quality, impose logistical challenges on Mozambican manufacturing firms. The Mozambican regulatory and legal environment continue to be perceived as a hurdle. Regulatory barriers hinder firm capacity to export. Access to credit remains heavily constrained. Nearly half of firms do not find a business association to represent them. The 2017 Survey of Mozambican Manufacturing Firms builds on data collected in 2012 from surviving...

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Policy Brief
Aid is not dead: The latest evidence on the effectiveness of ODA December 2017

The death of aid has often been declared, and private capital flows as well as earnings from natural resources now far exceed official development assistance (ODA) in aggregate...

Foreign aid Macroeconomics Tax revenue
Policy Brief
Aid, environment and climate change December 2017

Development aid by itself cannot ‘save the planet’. Yet, development aid and institutions have the potential to remain important catalytic actors in achieving developmental and global environmental objectives...

Foreign aid Climate change Environment
Mini-documentary: Mozambique - Scaling up research and capacity

In the 1980s Mozambique was one of the poorest countries in the world. Since then, the country has recovered from civil war to grow by an average of 7% each year...

What would it take for Mozambique’s growth to be inclusive?

In late November 2017 more than 100 people gathered in Maputo, Mozambique, to participate in a joint reflection on poverty and inequality in the country...

Poverty and inequality Mozambique
Policy Brief
The political economy of clean energy December 2017

In broad terms, the climate challenge is relatively straightforward. Global average temperatures are rising because of anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases...

Energy Development Climate change
Income generation and malaria in Uganda

Several large-scale efforts have been made to combat malaria in the last decade under the Millennium Development Goals, and while these have led to a rapid decline in cases, malaria continues to exact a heavy toll on sub-Saharan Africa, both in terms...

Administrative law Agriculture Economic development
A WIDER perspective on migration

While many WIDER Development Conferences emerge from ongoing projects, our latest conference in October — ‘ Migration and mobility: New frontiers for research and policy ’ — offered a different opportunity: to focus attention ...

Migration Refugees
Peer influence and human capital accumulation: Evidence from Delhi University colleges

College is an important milestone in life that is believed to develop several aspects of an individual's human capital, broadly defined to include both cognitive and socio-emotional traits...

Cognitive attainment Behaviour Personality
Policy Brief
The practice of industrial policy: Four lessons for Africa November 2017

Industrial policy has finally moved away from the arid debate on ‘picking winners’ versus ‘levelling the playing field’...

Industrialization Industrial policy Structural transformation
Has the quality of Mozambique’s education been sacrificed at the altar of access?

Mozambique, in common with many other developing countries, has achieved impressive increases in access to education. Since 2000, the number of children attending primary school has more than doubled, as have the number of schools...

Education education quality access to education
What role for East African hydrocarbons in the global economy post-Paris COP21?

Over the past decade significant hydrocarbon discoveries have been made across East Africa...

Natural resources extractives industry Governance
Policy Brief
Africa's Lions: Three challenges limiting the potential for inclusive growth October 2017

Historically, the African continent has been largely dismissed as a case of regional economic delinquency, with the levels of growth necessary to reduce poverty and inequality deemed to be consistently unattainable...

Growth Employment infrastructure
Energy subsidies are bigger than aid in more than half of poor countries … but we spend very little trying to reduce them

Which of the following do you think is the most important need in developing countries?...

Energy subsidies Fossil fuel subsidies aid
Domestic revenue mobilization and the role of data

Government revenues are central to funding public expenditures in all countries...

Tax Development
Updated Government Revenue Dataset provides new insights into developing country tax collection trends

The increasing focus on domestic resource mobilization in developing countries means that, for researchers and policy makers, access to accurate and timely data is more important than ever...

Tax Development
Too late, too little? The IMF and international tax flight

When key decision makers of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gather in Washington DC for the IMF’s annual meeting in October, one thing that would merit more attention is the mismatch between the IMF’s recent alignments against inter...

Internation Monetary Fund OECD tax avoidance
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