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The ins and outs of African industrialization

The question ‘why is there so little industrialization in Africa?’ has been a key focus of UNU-WIDER researchers and research partners for the last decade. Many Asian economies started their industrialization processes from conditions similar to those that African countries are experiencing today. Yet, while Asian economies have grown explosively, growth in Africa has failed to take off. To answer this seemingly simple but perplexing puzzle, the project Learning to Compete (L2C)...

Rethinking African industrialization on another Africa Industrialization Day

Cranes at harbour. Photo: World Bank
This week I attended the 28th Africa Industrialization Day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Even sympathetic readers may reasonably ask, why hold another African Industrialization Day at all? The short answer is Africa needs structural change to grow, to create jobs, and to reduce poverty, and the driving force behind structural change has historically been industry. The East Asian miracle was a manufacturing miracle. But Africa has had limited success in industrializing. Today...

Tax havens - What is the nature of the beast?

© Mohamed Thasneem / Unsplash
International development organizations largely agree that illicit capital flight from developing countries is an obstacle for development. And transparency is commonly seen as the best way to tackle the issue. But is it enough? Tax havens have been in the headlines in recent years: ‘Panama Papers’, ‘Paradise Papers’, ‘Luxemburg Leaks’, and so forth. Tax havens are territories offering low taxation combined with high banking secrecy. This makes it both...

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Baseline survey on Mozambican university graduates’ school-to-work transitions – looking forward to the launch

Baseline Survey on the School-to-Work Transitions of University Graduates in Mozambique will be launched on 4 September...

Higher education Mozambique labour markets
Research Brief
The decline of the labour share in Mexico, 1990–2015 August 2018

As with many other developed and emerging economies, in recent decades Mexico has experienced a long-term decline in the labour income share...

Labour market Informal sector Wages
Research Brief
Potential benefits and pitfalls of extractives in Mozambique: Lessons from international experience July 2018

Mozambique has seen a significant expansion of interest and investment in its extractive industries...

Extractive industries Resource curse Policy coordination
Mozambique: Improving our understanding of the potential of manufacturing

Mozambique’s manufacturing industry is facing many challenges. Nevertheless, we should not underestimate its linkages to the rest of the economy and its potential in terms of job creation and structural transformation...

Manufacturing firms Manufacturing Manufacturing industries
Lessons from the resettlement of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Vietnamese forced migrants in Germany

Hiếu (pseudonym) embodies the ‘good refugee’ story. In 1979, he fled Vietnam by boat and eventually resettled in the Federal Republic of (West) Germany, as did many others ...

Integration International migration Refugees
Young Afghan refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: Does more education mean better futures?

Education is my freedom ... if I have my education, everything is still possible for me in the future. Mohammed grinned, and looked down at his newly acquired university student card...

Migration Refugees Youth
Obstacles for Mozambique’s manufacturing firms amplified by macroeconomic disturbances

Mozambique has been facing macroeconomic difficulties since 2015. This has amplified the obstacles for micro, small and medium-sized manufacturing firms, but the actual problems lie deeper ...

Manufacturing firms Structural transformation Macroeconomic policy
Successfully integrating refugee populations: What can we learn from the experience of Vietnamese Americans?

Policy makers should see integration and upward mobility, and not simply placement and survival, as goals of resettlement of refugees...

Migration Refugees Integration
Policy Brief
The business environment of Mozambican manufacturing firms April 2018

Weak supply chains, both in quantity and quality, impose logistical challenges on Mozambican manufacturing firms. The Mozambican regulatory and legal environment continue to be perceived as a hurdle...

Economic growth Regulatory Framework
Policy Brief
Workforce and leadership characteristics in Mozambican manufacturing April 2018

Firms that survived the economic downturn adopted restrictive human resources management, reducing the workforce and making it more flexible, which in turn made employment more vulnerable...

Economic growth Leadership charasteristics Entrepreneurship
Information asymmetries in extractive industries: What can be done?

In the second part of this blog, Alan R. Roe discusses what is known about the informational failures that pose challenges for governments in projecting revenues from extractive industries. Read the first part here ...

Extractive industries Government revenue
Forecasting revenues from extractive industries: Information asymmetries and other disadvantages of host governments

In the first part of this blog, Alan R. Roe writes about the difficulties governments face in predicting revenues from extractive industries. Read part two here ...

Extractive industries Government revenue
Three key findings on child poverty for Mozambican policy makers

Mozambique has experienced rapid growth and reductions in poverty over the last twenty years. The latest poverty report showed a decline in the poverty rate of about 25 percentage points over the period 1996/97-2014/15, from about 70% to 46%...

Policy Brief
Measuring quality of health-care services: What is known and where are the knowledge gaps? December 2017

Under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) remarkably progress has been made on health issues...

Health SDG3 Universal Health Coverage
Policy Brief
Measuring poverty and wellbeing in developing countries December 2017

The importance of reducing poverty is universally acknowledged, and represents an important part of the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the appropriate measurement of poverty and wellbeing remains complex and controversial...

Poverty Poverty measurement Poverty assessment
Policy Brief
Aid is not dead: The latest evidence on the effectiveness of ODA December 2017

The death of aid has often been declared, and private capital flows as well as earnings from natural resources now far exceed official development assistance (ODA) in aggregate...

Foreign aid Macroeconomics Tax revenue
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