Inclusive development in Myanmar

Analytical Methods Training for CSO staff

Inclusive development in Myanmar: Analytical Methods Training for CSO staff

Ten staff members of Central Statistical Organization (CSO) of the Ministry of Planning and Finance of Myanmar and the director Daw Khin Swe Latt participated in a two-week training in analytical methods given at the University of Copenhagen in February 2018.

The goal of the training was to strengthen the skills the CSO staff would need in the context of the project ‘Towards inclusive development in Myanmar’. The project includes the development of the Myanmar Enterprise Monitoring System (MEMS), which consists of quantitative and qualitative surveys of manufacturing enterprises and their employees.

The training focused on increasing participants’ knowledge about the major components of research design, from determining research themes and developing research questions to understanding different methods of data collection and analysis.

The training was split into three themes, based on three distinctive methods of data collection applied in the project: quantitative, qualitative and experimental.

The quantitative training focused on the methods for assessing data quality and data analysis using Stata software. Participants learned about the software characteristics and data management, as well as how to produce summary statistics, graphs and regressions.

The part of the training related to qualitative data included a lecture on how to collect and analyze qualitative data, followed by a development of a practical strategy on how to incorporate qualitative results in the MEMS report.

The training related to experiments in social sciences included an introduction to Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) methodology and a lecture on the main types of research experiments conducted in a laboratory and lab-in-the-field setting.