Journal Special Issue
Inequalities in the least developed countries

Some lessons from Africa

This special issue comprises six papers analysing different dimensions of inequalities in African countries.

Three papers deal with the trend in inequality in consumption in Mozambique, with multidimensional poverty in four sub‐Saharan countries, and with the relationship between living conditions and subjective well‐being in African countries.

The other three are focused on gender issues and are focused on Mozambique, dealing with gender inequalities in the access to contract farming arrangements as well as to employment out of subsistence agriculture, or with the effect of women’s empowerment on children’s health.

Table of contents
  1. 1. Introduction to Special Issue on: ‘Inequalities in the Least Developed Countries – Some Lessons from Africa’
    Carlos Gradín, Finn Tarp
    More Blog | Detecting global income inequality trends
  2. 2. Living Conditions and Basic Needs: Evidence from African Countries
    Andrew E. Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio
    More Working Paper | Living conditions and well-being
  3. 3. Investigating Growing Inequality in Mozambique
    Carlos Gradín, Finn Tarp
    More Working Paper | Investigating growing inequality in Mozambique
  4. 4. Women’s Empowerment and Child Malnutrition: The Case of Mozambique
    Joseph Deutsch, Jacques Silber
    More Working Paper | Does women’s empowerment affect the health of children?
  5. 5. Gender Inequality in Employment in Mozambique
    Carlos Gradín, Finn Tarp
    More Working Paper | Gender inequality in employment in Mozambique
    More Blog | Motherhood and the gender gap in Latin America
  6. 6. Contract Farming in Mozambique: Implications for Gender Inequalities Within and Across Rural Households
    Cecilia Navarra
    More Working Paper | Contract farming in Mozambique
  7. 7. The counting approach to multidimensional poverty: The case of four African countries
    Valérie Bérenger
    More Working Paper | The counting approach to multidimensional poverty
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