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Working Paper pdf
Francisco J. Arcelus, Kanhaiya Lal Sharma, Gopalan Srinivasan - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

The human development index (HDI) developed by the United Nations Development Programme is computed as the average of three equally weighted outcome measures: life expectancy (LI), educational attainment (EI) and income (WI). However, this computational process is independent of the resources being...

Working Paper pdf
– a Sensitivity Analysis of Well-Being Indices
Tauhidur Rahman, Ron C. Mittelhammer, Philip Wandschneider - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper attempts to provide a comprehensive analysis of interrelationships among the determinants of the quality of life (QOL). We show that various measures of well-being are highly sensitive to domains of QOL that are considered in the construction of comparative indices, and how measurable...

Working Paper pdf
Osman Zaim - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

This study, relying on an economic-theoretical approach to index numbers, proposes a framework for incorporating environmental indicators to the measurement of human well-being. Furthermore this study also proposes an improvement index which alleviates the well-known deficiency of across-time...

Working Paper pdf
Christian Seidl, Stefan Traub, Andrea Morone - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper uses the data gained from an income categorization experiment for five shapes of income distributions to investigate background context effects, relative deprivation, range-frequency theory to explain background context effects, individual income satisfaction versus aggregate well-being...

Working Paper pdf
Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert, David Donaldson - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

Public policies often involve choices of alternatives in which the size and the composition of the population may vary. Examples are the allocation of resources to prenatal care and the design of aid packages to developing countries. In order to assess the corresponding feasible choices on...

Working Paper pdf
Alain Chateauneuf, Patrick Moyes - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

Typical welfare and inequality measures are required to be Lorenz consistent which guarantees that inequality decreases and welfare increases as a result of a progressive transfer. We explore the implications for welfare and inequality measurement of substituting the weaker absolute differentials,...

Working Paper pdf
Satya R. Chakravarty, Amita Majumder - UNU-WIDER, 2005 - Helsinki, Finland

Basu and Foster (1998) characterized a sophisticated literacy measure using five axioms. In this paper we argue that if a measure satisfies three of their five axioms, namely, anonymity, monotonicity and externality, then also it becomes suitable in some applications. We, therefore, introduce two...

Working Paper pdf
– A Problem in Measurement
Sreenivasan Subramanian - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper points to some elementary conflicts between the claims of interpersonal and intergroup justice as they manifest themselves in the process of seeking a real-valued index of poverty which is required to satisfy certain seemingly desirable properties. It indicates how ‘group-sensitive...

Working Paper pdf
Arne Bigsten, Abebe Shimeles - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines trends in income distribution and its linkages to economic growth and poverty reduction in order to understand the prospects for achieving poverty reduction in Africa. We examine the levels and trends in income distribution in some African countries and calculate pro-poor growth...

Working Paper pdf
– The Relevance of Income Redistribution for Functioning Levels
Sara Lelli - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper relates Amartya Sen’s capability approach to the literature on equivalence scales. Synthetic indicators of well-being are constructed by adjusting individual incomes for differences in functionings. An exploratory comparative application to Italian and Belgian data illustrates the...

Working Paper pdf
– Do Poverty and Low Public Health Spending Kill?
Oleksiy Ivaschenko - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines the impact of changes in poverty and public health spending on inter-temporal variations in longevity using a unique regional-level dataset that covers 77 regions of Russia over the period 1994-2000. The dynamic panel data model is used as a tool for the empirical analysis. The...

Working Paper pdf
Arne Bigsten, Abebe Shimeles - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper addresses issues related to the dynamics of income poverty using unique household panel data for urban and rural areas of Ethiopia covering the period 1994-97. The percentage of households that remained in poverty was twice as large in urban areas as in rural areas. This suggests that...

Working Paper pdf
Mozaffar Qizilbash - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

It is often argued that multi-dimensional measures of well-being and poverty—such as those based on the capability approach and related views—are ad hoc. Rankings based on them are not, for this reason, robust to changes in the selection of weights used. In this paper, it is argued that...

Working Paper pdf
– A Dynamic Microsimulation Study
Michael Grimm - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

I use a dynamic microsimulation model to analyse the distributional effects of an expansion of education in Côte d’Ivoire in the medium and long term. The simulations are performed in order to replicate several policies in force or subject to debate in this country. Various hypotheses...

Working Paper pdf
– Conceptual Linkages and Measurement Challenges in Development
Douglas A. Hicks - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

The capabilities approach has emphasized that inequalities can be analyzed in various dimensions of human functioning. Indicators of these inequalities can be incorporated into assessments of well-being. The capabilities approach also highlights the intrinsic importance of agency and demonstrates...

Working Paper pdf
– A Review of the Meaning and Measurement of Poverty
Andy Sumner - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper discusses the measurement of poverty and well-being. A historical overview is given of the last fifty years. This is followed by discussion of three groupings of indicators: those measures based primarily on economic well-being; those based on non-economic well-being and composite...

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