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Alice H. Amsden, Alisa DiCaprio, James Robinson - Oxford University Press, 2014 - Oxford, UK

Elites have a disproportionate impact on development outcomes. While a country's endowments constitute the deep determinates of growth, the trajectory they follow is shaped by the actions of elites. But what factors affect whether elites use their influence for individual gain or national...

– Knowledge, Entrepreneurial, and Political
Andrés Solimano, Diego Bernardo Avanzini - Oxford University Press, 2012 - Oxford, UK
Book Chapter
– The Role of Elites in Economic Development
Alisa DiCaprio - , 2012
Book Chapter
– Getting Public Sector Elite Officials to Support Government Reform in Brazil
Monica F. Pinhanez - , 2012
Book Chapter
– The Role of the Customs Elite on the Reform Process in Cameroon
Thomas Cantens - , 2012
Book Chapter
– The Contribution to Development of the New Female Elites
Alison Wolf - , 2012
Book Chapter
– An Augmented Endowments-Inequality Hypothesis and the Rise of an Elite in the Cape Colony
Johan Fourie, Dieter von Fintel - , 2012
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