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Deepak Nayyar - Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 - Basingstoke, UK

From the book: Advancing Development

– Core Themes in Global Economics
George Mavrotas, Anthony F. Shorrocks - Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 - Basingstoke, UK

Leading scholars and policymakers reflect on current thinking in development economics and on what may happen during the next two decades. Covering the major themes in development in an accessible way, this original and authoritative contribution highlights new and emerging issues, and shows how...

Working Paper pdf
Erik Thorbecke - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The evolution of the development doctrine over the last six decades is analysed in some detail in this paper. The development doctrine is defined as the body of knowledge consisting of four interrelated components: (1) the prevailing development objectives; (2) the conceptual state of the art...

Working Paper pdf
– International Comparisons
Nanak Kakwani, Hyun H. Son - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper suggests how the targeting efficiency of government programmes may be better assessed. Using the ‘pro-poor policy’ (PPP) index developed by authors, the study investigates the pro-poorness of not only government programmes geared to the poorest segment of the population, but...

Working Paper pdf
– A Kaldorian Analysis
Sukti Dasgupta, Ajit Singh - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper uses a Kaldorian framework to examine the evidence of deindustrialization in developing countries at low levels of income, the jobless growth in these economies and the fast expansion of the informal sector. The questions are specifically examined for the Indian economy, using state...

Working Paper pdf
– The Case of China
Justin Lin, Mingxing Liu, Shiyuan Pan, Pengfei Zhang - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explores the politically determined development objectives and the intrinsic logic of government intervention policies in east developed countries. It is argued that the distorted institutional structure in China and in many least developed countries, after the Second World War, can be...

Working Paper pdf
François Bourguignon, Mark Sundberg - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The ability of low-income countries to productively absorb large amounts of external assistance is a central issue for efforts to scale-up aid. This paper examines absorptive capacity in the context of MDG-based development programmes in low-income countries. It first defines absorptive capacity,...

Working Paper pdf
Machiko Nissanke, Erik Thorbecke - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

While the opportunities offered by globalization can be large, the question is often raised whether the actual distribution of gains is fair and, in particular, whether the poor benefit proportionately less from globalization and could under some circumstances actually be hurt by it. The paper...

Working Paper pdf
– Issues and Evidence
Mark Blackden, Sudharshan Canagarajah, Stephan Klasen, David Lawson - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The study suggests that gender inequality acts as a significant constraint to growth in sub-Saharan Africa, and that removing gender-based barriers to growth will make a substantial contribution to realizing Africa’s economic potential. In particular we highlight gender gaps in education,...

Working Paper pdf
Frances Stewart - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Karl Polanyi wrote The Great Transformation in 1944 which analysed the double movement Europe experienced, from a situation where the market was heavily regulated and controlled in the eighteenth century to a virtually unregulated market in the nineteenth century, and the huge transformation in...

Working Paper pdf
Valpy Fitzgerald - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The level, tenor and instability of capital flows from global financial markets towards developing countries are a major source of concern for macroeconomic managers, while their causes remain largely unexplained by economic theory. Country ‘fundamentals’ (such as economic growth,...

Working Paper pdf
Eric M. Uslaner - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Economic inequality provides a fertile breeding ground for corruption and, in turn, leads to further inequalities. Most corruption models focus on the institutional determinants of government dishonesty. However, such accounts are problematic. Corruption is remarkably sticky over time. There is a...

Working Paper pdf
– Learning From Successes and Failures
Annelies Zoomers - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

This article aims to contribute to the discussion about how to make development interventions more effective by analyzing the factors contributing to the success or failure of rural development projects. We made an aggregate level analysis of 46 projects in the field of agricultural research (AR),...

Working Paper pdf
Richard Jolly - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Adam Smith, Tom Paine, John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx were all bold and outspoken about the injustices of extreme inequality, nationally and internationally. Yet by almost every standard, global inequality has grown substantially since they were writing, and national income inequality also over the...

Working Paper pdf
– Asymmetries in the Global Economy
Nancy Birdsall - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Openness is not necessarily good for the poor. Reducing trade protection has not brought growth to today’s poorest countries, and open capital markets have not been good for the poorest households in emerging market economies. In this paper I present evidence on these two points. First,...

Working Paper pdf
– The Case of Mexico
Nora Lustig - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Health is an asset with an intrinsic value as well as an instrumental value. Good health is a source of wellbeing and highly valued throughout the world. Health is not only the absence of illness, but capacity to develop a person’s potential. Health is also an important determinant of...

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