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Policy Brief pdf
Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis - UNU-WIDER, 2008 - Helsinki, Finland

World hunger is prevalent yet receives relatively less attention compared to poverty. The MDGs have taken a step to address this with the resolution of halving the number of starving people in the world by 2015. A substantial and sustainable reduction in hunger will also greatly improve the chances...

– Indicators, Measurement, and the Impact of Trade Openness
Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, Shabd S. Acharya, Benjamin Davis - Oxford University Press, 2007 - Oxford, UK

What are the implications of the WTO's Agreement on Agriculture for food security in poor countries? Are economic reforms and high growth rates in some countries protecting the well-being of the poor by improving the status of nutrition? Are we measuring hunger adequately? Do we need new...

Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, Shabd S. Acharya, Benjamin Davis - Palgrave Macmillan, 2007 - Basingstoke, UK

Do we have a right to food? The significance of a human rights approach, and the way in which it translates to gender considerations, with links to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, agricultural productivity and the environment, adds a new dimension to the problem of world hunger. By exploring these...

Working Paper pdf
– Lessons from the Right to Food Movement in India
Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, Vivek Srinivasan - UNU-WIDER, 2007 - Helsinki, Finland

In April 2001 the People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) approached the Supreme Court of India arguing that the government has a duty to provide greater relief in the context of mass hunger. The litigation has now become the best known precedent on the right to food internationally. This...

Working Paper pdf
Michael Herrmann - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Many developing nations, especially the least developed countries, are subjected to recurrent spells of food insecurity. In order to understand food insecurity in these countries it is necessary to consider not only immediate or trigger-causes of food crises, but also its underlying or systemic...

Working Paper pdf
– The Life and Death Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Humanitarian Crises
Patrick Webb, Andrew Thorne-Lyman - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The substantive role that vitamin and mineral deficiencies play in shaping crisis-related morbidity and mortality was not widely understood when Amartya Sen elaborated his arguments about moral rights of the hungry, entitlements, and public action. This chapter examines two main aspects of the...

Working Paper pdf
– Bottlenecks in Delivering the Expected Outcome
George Cheriyan - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Over the past decade, a series of events in India have brought the question of food security into sharp focus. Vast famine-affected areas versus surplus production and stocks of grains, the impact of globalization and World Trade Organization laws on agriculture and farmers, the media’s...

Working Paper pdf
– Current Issues and Emerging Concerns
Nira Ramachandran - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The food security scenario in South Asia has witnessed rapid progress over the last few decades, yet nutrition outcomes, especially those related to women and children, have failed to keep pace. This paper contends that the role of women in providing food and nutrition security at the household and...

Working Paper pdf
Ramesh Chand - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Agriculture contributes substantially to output and employment in South Asian countries. Therefore, any change, like trade liberalization, that impacts on the agriculture sector has widespread ramifications in terms of employment, nutrition, livelihood and food security. Implementation of various...

Working Paper pdf
– India under Current Compulsions
Nilabja Ghosh, Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Food insecurity at the household level has become unacceptable in India where the economy is growing at high rates and food sufficiency is already achieved at the macro-level. Food security has always been an important issue in the Indian political economy and was addressed by numerous poverty-...

Working Paper pdf
Pradeep Bhargava, Manju Balana - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Basic human rights recognize the intrinsic value of freedom, only not for the value of freedom itself, but also for its instrumental role enabling an individual to choose a bundle of commodities and wellbeing. The role of food, a basic necessity of life, in fostering freedom is important, to say...

Working Paper pdf
– A Framework for Analysing Vulnerability to Food Security
Christian Romer Lovendal, Marco Knowles - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Whilst traditional food security analysis offers an ex post view on who the food insecure are and why they are so, looking at food insecurity from a vulnerability perspective provides a dynamic and forward looking way of analysing causes and more importantly options for reducing food insecurity....

Working Paper pdf
– A Comparative Analysis across Regions
Brinda Viswanathan, J. V. Meenakshi - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

This study analyses the changes in prevalence of undernutrition between the 1980s and 1990s at the national and sub-national levels in India and focuses on the rural-urban comparisons. The study exploits the demographic information available in household surveys to derive a household-specific norm...

Working Paper pdf
– The Role of Food-based Safety Nets in Helping Vulnerable Households Manage Food Insecurity
Lynn R. Brown, Ugo Gentilini - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

Safety nets have often been controversial instruments, condemned in some circles as short-term palliatives or even a waste of money. Much recent evidence shows that safety nets not only support poverty reduction but also economic growth. The existence of safety nets encourages adoption of higher...

Working Paper pdf
– Micro-Level Investigations in Three African Countries
John Curry, Esther Wiegers, Alessandra Garbero, C. Shannon Stokes, John Hourihan - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

HIV/AIDS has a severe impact on food security, affecting all of its dimensions: availability, stability, access, utilization. FAO recognizes that HIV/AIDS is a determining factor for, as well as a consequence of, food insecurity. Although the relationships among gender, food security and rural...

Working Paper pdf
– Highlights from Latin America
Mehmet Arda - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The importance of supermarkets in the world food economy has increased radically since the early 1990s. They are now major sellers and buyers of food items not only in developed but also in developing countries. Urbanization and the liberalization of the services sector have been important...

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