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– A Fair Deal for Consumers?
Cecilia Ugaz, Catherine Waddams Price - Edward Elgar Publishing, 2003 - Cheltenham, UK

Latin American countries have now privatized a large number of their utility industries and make more use of market approaches to delivery through networks. Privatization has major consequences for efficiency, long-term growth, consumer welfare and income distribution but insufficient attention has...

Working Paper pdf
Cecilia Ugaz - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

In spite of not being ‘public goods’ in the strict sense of the term, public provision has been a common way of supplying utilities services around the world. Among the major reasons underlying the dominant position of the public sector as the provider of infrastructure are the...

Working Paper pdf
– Subsidies and Service Obligations
Omar O. Chisari, Antonio Estache, Catherine Waddams Price - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

Any infrastructure reformers concerned with social issues in a developing country need to address two problems. The first is increasing access by the poor, and the second is ensuring consumption affordability, i.e. the ability of the poor to pay for both consumption and the ...

Working Paper pdf
Jose A. Delfino, Ariel A. Casarin - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

The privatization of the national public utilities that took place almost a decade ago in Argentina seem to be explained by the persisting deficits of the enterprises, a general dissatisfaction with their performance and the difficulties government faced in their control. During the period of...

Working Paper pdf
– Access to Basic Services in Bolivia
Gover Barja, Miguel Urquiola - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper analyses the privatization of utilities in Bolivia, detailing the particularities of the capitalization mechanism which was used for this purpose. The analysis suggests that capitalization and regulation, and the liberalization of the utilities sector more generally,...

Working Paper pdf
Daniel A. Benitez, Omar O. Chisari, Antonio Estache - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

Relying on a general equilibrium model of Argentina’s economy calibrated for 1993 and internalizing all productivity and scale gains achieved up to 1999, this paper isolates the distributional effects of utilities reform from the impact of other reforms taking place in the...

Working Paper pdf
Ricardo D. Paredes - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

Privatization has been one of the primary factors generating changes in the Chilean economy over the last decade. Privatization has faced some opposition due part to its uncertain effect on employment and prices. Despite the importance of the topic, only few attempts have been made to analyse...

Working Paper pdf
Maximo Torero, Alberto Pascó-Font - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

Almost five years after privatization took place in electricity and telecommunications, and major reforms had been carried out in the administration of water, the results is not clear a priori. In order to elucidate the panorama, this research tries to assess the consumption and welfare impacts of...

Working Paper pdf
– A Global Perspective
Kristin Komives, Dale Whittington, Xun Wu - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper presents a global perspective on infrastructure coverage and the poor that many people will think they have seen before but in fact have not. It is widely assumed that the poor in developing countries have fewer infrastructure services than middle and upper- income households, but there...

Working Paper pdf
Pablo Arocena - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper analyses the reforms that have taken place in the utilities sectors in Spain, with a focus on the political role in shaping the process of these reforms. We argue that the deregulation process was marked by the historical close collaboration between the government and the industry, which...

Working Paper pdf
– Distributional Implications and Government Response
Catherine Waddams Price, Alison Young - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

The UK was one of the earliest countries to undertake utility reform, which included changes in ownership, in the regulatory regime and in market structure and competition. While most agree that the programme has had beneficial effects on efficiency, there has been increasing concern about the...

Working Paper pdf
Cecilia Ugaz - UNU-WIDER, 2001 - Helsinki, Finland

The objective of this paper is to broaden the discussion on regulation in general and on the regulation of utilities in particular. Beyond the technical complexity involved in designing and implementing regulatory interventions, we focus our attention on the conditions for achieving a fair process...

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