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Policy Brief pdf
– Issues and Institutions
Deepak Nayyar, Julius Court - UNU-WIDER, 2002 - Helsinki, Finland

This policy brief is intended to outline suggestions and stimulate discussion at a time when the world community is thinking about, and is engaged in, a debate on global governance. The policy brief not only focuses on the reform of existing institutions, but also proposes new institutions that...

Working Paper pdf
S. P. Shukla - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The object of this paper is to analyse the evolution of the international trading system from its inception as GATT in 1947 to its latest incarnation as WTO, comprising the complex array of agreements forming its substance and mandate. The study focuses on the adequacy or the inadequacy of the...

Working Paper pdf
Deepak Nayyar - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper sketches a profile of international labour migration over the past fifty years and draws a distinction between different categories of labour flows in the contemporary world economy. It examines the underlying factors with an emphasis on structural determinants at a macrolevel. It...

Working Paper pdf
Yilmaz Akyüz, Andrew Cornford - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

Recent financial crises, whose effects have been particularly severe in developing countries, have led to a wide-ranging debate on international financial reform. This debate has had to confront the implications of the huge growth of international capital movements, one of whose consequences has...

Working Paper pdf
– Prospects for Institutional Renewal
Richard A. Falk - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper assesses the institutional constraints on the effectiveness of the United Nations over the course of its existence, especially in relation to its central mission to promote international peace and security. Only passing attention is accorded to the Bretton Woods institutions. The paper...

Working Paper pdf
Amit Bhaduri - UNU-WIDER, 2000 - Helsinki, Finland

The raison d'etre of the nation-state is the ideology of nationalism. Yet, nationalism is a complex notion which encompasses the society, the state and the economy. It comprises of a complex nexus of multiple loyalties ofan individual as a member of the society, duties and rights of...

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